Sunday, September 25, 2011

Star hub wheel, for sale! SOLD


The wife and I headed to the Keene, NH Swap today. Been there a few times and was always able to point all the cool shit I didn't need at the time. This time when I'm actually on the search, there's nothing to be found! Shit was bust, actually. But I did manage to get the whole collection Easyrider tapes and a wheel that's in really good shape, to pass along to you fine folks!

Hit me up if you are interested.


Joe_Siharath said...

I went to the Keene motorcycle swap too and have to say it was a bust this time around, quite empty than the other times I went. But did manage to score a cool old yamaha tank. cool finds and at least you left with something.

Zach said...

Worst Keene I have been to, made no money really which I had pasted on it.