Friday, September 23, 2011

Brooklyn Invitational 2011

long nights, ride in the rain, lost in the streets, whiskey for friends, fried chicken, fucking choppers, stolen shirts, keep it in your pants, piss in the corner, bloody noses, high places, sleep on the floor, smoking smokes, animal friends, beer chaser, the stranger, what time you gonna be there?

Thanks to the White Knights for pulling it off with style. So many people. So many bikes. I'll be posting more pics over the next few days.

It was good to see y'all... you know who you are. Sorry if you were looking for a shirt and didn't see us. Some fucking guy broke into a friend's truck and made off with our new design. Fuck it. Brooklyn Invitational 2011.

Comment with good stories.


TXDENNIS said...

that photo of the hemi powered A is awesome.. "see, that there's 3 strombergs.. & the mag is back there..."

miah said...

thats fucked up about the shirts ive been checking everyday to see if you guys had any left to sell on here

The Brain said...

we printed a run of the old designs that Chris should have up in a few days if you're interested in those. Otherwise, we'll get more of the new design soon. Thanks for the support.

Guy@GK said...

Great photos.