Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So last year in Long Beach for BF2, I saw this bike in the parking lot of the Motel we were staying at. I fell in love! Looked everywhere for it at the show but couldn't and started to get really hammered and forgot. Ever since then I been searching for it, hoping it would pop up somewhere and it finally did. Forgot from where, sorry.

Nothing crazy, just perfect! For me!

Ohhh when I grow up......


Jay said...

I seen a bike like this on tim o'keefes shit and maaan I was seein hearts, 3 1/2's do it for me

max schaaf said...

my buddy Josh's bike. Lives up in
Napa. Makes great hotrods and bikes.
Fills every tank with wizard dust.

C.Earhart said...

Was that why he was parked at our motel?

I should took photos.