Saturday, May 14, 2011

1st issue ready!!

After a ton of hours and very little sleep, the mag is finally out of our hands and the Show Class Store is up and running. We are taking orders for the 1st issue and other stuff but it will not ship until 6/6/11. There are a limited number of copies so get em before they're long gone.

We're hoping like hell to have some to pass around at the Ride to Skate next weekend but dropping it on Friday the 13th for $6.66 has to be some kind of double negative good move. We stand behind the decision.

International dealers are very welcome. Email us at and we will work it out. We also set up a discount for military and correctional facility addresses. Get in touch if you are held up at either.

Want to thank the shit out of all of the supporters, advertisers, friends, contributors, family and anyone that could get behind such a thing. Especially the radiant Mrs Lind for giving up your husband while he learned and slaved over the editing program in the process of getting this together.

Oh, due to a bunch of classy chick's tits, ass and other bits, you must be 18 years or older to purchase. Enjoy...


GC said...

Got my pre-order in! A Cassy TEE also!

Moparkevin said...

Already got mine Fri.. can't wait!